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Our Founder

Sabine comes from the beautiful town of Salzburg in Austria, also the hometown of Mozart.

Inspired by the beautiful setting of music, memories and scents, she often wandered around town visiting bespoke fragrance shops tucked away in hidden corners. Indeed, her passion for unique scents was so strong that she spent most of her time in a perfumery boutique owned by a family friend.

Very quickly she became the ‘youngest fragrance expert’ known among family and friends. Many years later, after having worked on several private fragrance projects in the Middle East, Sabine decided to achieve her lifelong dream and created her own wonderful fragrance line ‘Plume Impression’.

Plume Impression is an expression of my love for perfumes and the wonderful memories that come with it. I hope you will enjoy wearing our fragrances as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Genuine scented creations with images, this is Plume Impression

My passion for perfumes was brought to light at a very early age and I have to be thankful to my mum for that. Having spent lots of time with her at a family friends’ niche perfumery, I discovered the magic of perfumes every time I entered this mesmerizing fragrant world.

Perfumes form wonderful memories and we treasure them every time we encounter a beautiful scent. Quickly I realized I wanted to share this inspiring delight with as many people as possible. Over the past few years I worked on creating that magic for everybody. Royal families wanted to celebrate the arrival of a new born with a traditional scent, perfume aficionados wished to relive their wedding over again with their personalized scent.

Through all those wonderful people I met, ‘Plume Impression’ was born. Perfumes are emotions, perfumes are people. They form images in our minds, make us relive beautiful moments. Genuine scented creations with images, this is Plume Impression.